Friday, December 14, 2012

    Good evening, and so happy to find you here as I start this new Scandinavian endeavor! I hope you had a fantastic St. Lucia Day-- I had a little one home from school sick, but we made some Christmas treats and she dragged out about every toy she owns to celebrate "Lucia" who was really my old Kirsten doll!

   For many of Swedish or Norwegian descent, Dec. 13 is the kick off to the Christmas season--- ending with St. Knut's day on Jan. 13, when the tree finally gets put out. Of course, in my mind, when I think of a Scandinavian Christmas, the images of one of my most favorite artists-- Carl Larsson-- comes to mind.

Painting by Carl Larsson

   Larsson is one of Sweden's most celebrated painters, born into poverty 1853, his talent gave him many opportunities at life- and love. He worked as an illustrator and raised a very large family with his beloved wife and fellow artist, Karin. He used his beautiful family as models for his paintings, and many of the interiors he pained came from their home, Sundborn.

   Seeing photos and paintings of the Larsson home makes me a little giddy because I am know to be a little bit of a serial house stenciler myself. So far my living room, kitchen and bedroom have succumbed to my paintbrush, and I love the look. When I see Carl and Karin's home, I feel a bit of artsy kinship to them. And think "hey, I should totally paint that on my walls..."

Painting by Carl Larsson
     And while Larrson's homey paintings are beautifuly, I especially love any and all paintings he did involving Christmas. I recently came across this image, Kersti Sledging, and just fell in love! The tomte, the goats, the pretty little girl. It's just all so sweet. And makes me motivated to get my own paints out. Because to me, that is what real art does--- it inspires you to create in your own way.

   Also, I just loved all of the entries in the St. Lucia Blog Procession that started yesterday! Everyone did such fantastic posts! I love finding these common loves with others. It makes the world a much friendlier place.

   Here are some of the blogs participating, if you haven't visited them, I highly suggest it!~

Good night, and god jul!~

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