Blame it on my Kirsten Doll, but ever since I was a little girl I've had a love for Scandinavian style! Yes, I was the little kid bringing Swedish pancakes to school for 'world food day' when the others were bringing pizza.   Just something about the art, the culture, the beauty of the region has always captured my imagination and my heart.
      This blog, Scandinavian Folk, is an ode to that love, and for others like myself whether through birth or just happenstance have a love for all things Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, and Danish. My interest lies not only in these European countries, but their American counterparts and the communities and traditions that have risen up on the American prairie due to the influence of Scandinavian pioneers.  I am by no means an expert on these places, but a lover of learning and of different cultures-- I hope you will join me as I explore all things wonderfully Scandinavian!


A little about me:
    My name is Heather Sleightholm and I am a folk artist living in north eastern Oklahoma. My business is called Audrey Eclectic, and I enjoy painting portraits and scenes reminiscent of bygone eras. My love of folk art and traditional European and Americana methods have also fostered my love of Scandinavian art. Please visit my art blog or etsy site for more information on my art!~


  1. Hi Heather~ I love your new blog idea and look forward to learning with others lots of new things scandinavian. It will be so fun. The old photo of you and Kirsten is just precious too. It reminds me of when my Jessica got the Kirsten doll for Christmas. The Kirsten story was how we learned all about St. Lucia Day and enjoyed adding it to our family celebration during Advent.

    God Jul!


    1. Thanks so much, Winnie! Happy to have you here! Yes, I loved my Kirsten doll, still do, though she's a little worse for the wear now (but hey, I did eventually grow into my teeth! haha!)

  2. Hi!! I like!!Looking forward to see what you come upp with here..

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  4. Hi Heather! Is your cover photo your own art?? Gorgeous!! I'm a Scandophile by not quite happenstance but certainly not personal heritage. I was introduced to Scandinavian festivals in my early teens by an uncle from Minnesota, all of whose grandparents came over, and I've been in love with most things Scandi ever since. My current partner's mother is Norwegian with strong family ties in the old country. Coincidence? Yeah probably not.... But my honey is an extraordinary man by any measure. I look forward to exploring your blog -- and your artwork! ..p.s. Lord is not my real last name; it's my great-grandma's maiden name, and I use it in an attempt to foil the identity-compiling that happens in the recesses of the internet.

  5. p.s. Would you consider becoming a presence on Facebook, so I and others could follow you there? I'm not that plugged into Google; don't pay attention to that email address, particularly.