Sunday, February 10, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Woodland Jewelries

  Today I am so pleased to introduce you to a lovely young woman and talented jewelry maker, Delila of Woodland Jewelries. Originally from Finland, Delila recently moved to England to pursue her passion for plants and now works in a beautiful English garden. You can read all about her adventures in nature and jewelry making at her beautiful blog, The Acorn Gatherer. However, here on the blog she has come to visit with us and tell us about her beautiful creations, inspirations, and the things that she loves....

Name: Delila Jemaiel
Business: Woodland Jewelries

Tell us a little about yourself: 
I am a Finnish gardener and jewelry maker living in England. At the moment i am an trainee/worker at the magical Nymans garden. For many years i dreamed that i could live in England and that happened last autumn. In my free time i love to wander in the woods, be with the trees and observe nature. Beatrix Potter, Victorian era, tea, fairy tales,... are close to my heart also.

What inspires you to create your beautiful jewelry pieces? 
   The lovely woodland and forest creatures. Fairy tales, fairies and art inspire me also. Sometimes i may see a movie like a Bright Star or Miss Potter, which inspires me. Inspiration comes in phases, at some moments i may make a collection of jewelries with a same theme, like a twilight woodland. Seasons change the colors of my work. Sometimes i may see a photograph, or a painting which inspires me. But mostly i am inspired by the surrounding nature. 

How has moving from Finland to England influenced your art?   I make my jewelry in the same way I did before, but the themes may have changed. I am able to see deer here every time i wander in to the "deer woods", so the deer appear in my work all the time. I am inspired by the local flora and fauna... i would love to make jewelry with badgers on it! Some wild plants, which do not grow in Finland's nature inspire me: mistletoe, ivy, bluebell, snowdrop. 

What are your favorite things to create jewelry from? 

  Crocheting scalloped chains, Something i began to do two years ago- I still keep crocheting these chains. I have never been able to follow patterns, so i wanted to crochet something simple, which i could use on my jewelries. Making things of my own gives a more unique touches on to my work, like making air clay acorns and birds. I do love to sew and use ragged ribbons. I try to find a real looking nature themed brass charms, like deer's, squirrels and pine cones. Different beads like Picasso, Czech glass beads, semi precious stone nuggets. 

Do you have any special projects coming up for spring or for 2013 in general?    I am trying to learn how to crochet an oak leaves which i could use on my bracelets.
A few shops have been asking to sell my jewelries here on England, which is wonderful! Making the jewelries for the shops will begin soon. 

Travelling to the Lakes in this spring to see Beatrix Potter's Hill Top once again would be wonderful. It is one of the dearests places to me.


   Thanks so much Delila for taking the time to chat with us here about her beautiful creations! And please, take a moment to visit her blog and shop, to see what goodies you might like for yourself! All images used with the permission of Delila Jemaiel of Woodland Jewelries


  1. Delilia, what lovely jewelry! Inspired by nature, I love the colors and mixtures of fauna and flora! Best of luck with your new markets in England too. Visiting the lands and gardens of Beatrix Potter country is something I hope to do one day as well. Thank-you for sharing!

  2. What beautiful jewelry! Thank you for the lovely interview with Delila!

  3. It is seriously a dream of mine to move to England some day! For an artist, I think the misty weather is just perfect. Your work is great! Can't wait to see some of your work up on Etsy!

  4. Very interesting! lovely works and the acorn houses simply captured my heart!

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your work!!! Are these for sale???