Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dala Horse Art

I thought I'd share with you my little dala horse paintings! My plan is to make a card set out of these designs. I've had so much fun thinking up different ways of decorating the dalas, and the blue and white one was inspired by my love of blue and white dishes. I've always loved drawing and painting twisting vines, curly ques and graduating dots. I was so pleasantly surprised to discover that all of these motifs I've been doodling for years are all strong design elements in Scandinavian folk art.

I'll be sure to share here when I get the postcards made, and perhaps some prints. I think these dalas will be perfect for spring!~


  1. wow you are so clever making this!!Really awsome!!)))))))))

  2. You are a very gifted artist! I love these DalaHorses! But also the Lucia, so sweet! Have a happy wekkend ;I(

  3. Gorgeous Dalas Heather, absolutely gorgeous <3
    love the theme, the style, the colours - also the black-white picture is very unique in its form.