Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gott Nytt År!

Young folk dancers from Lindsborg, Kansas at their annual Lucia Fest
Happy 2013! So glad to have you here at Scandinavian Folk. This blog is pretty new, but I hope to have it packed full of fun Scandinavian tidbits as the months go on. You can look forward to lots more book reviews, recipes, design, art and other things inspired by Sweden, Norway, Finland, and even Denmark and Iceland.
    Since I'd like for this to be a very interactive site, I also welcome guest posts if you have something you'd like to share! I'm also very interested in the immigrant aspect of Scandinavian culture-- you don't see too terribly much about that online. But America also has a very rich and vibrant Scandinavian culture and heritage, and I'd love to celebrate that as well.

   And speaking of great immigrant stories--- don't forget that a free eBook of Linda K. Hubalek's "Butter in the Well" is up for grabs in our latest giveaway! See THIS POST for more info! Contest only lasts until Jan. 5!
   Thanks again for joining me here--- we'll have a marvelous time!~
Happy New Year-


  1. Happy new year! As soon as I have moved and settled in Stockholm and could write something about sweden and send to you for your blog! Maybe something about swedish artists I like or soemthing like that :)

  2. That would be wonderful, Sara! Best of luck with your move! I cant wait to hear all about it!