Saturday, January 5, 2013

Obsession: Scandinavian Box Beds


There is something just so interesting and a bit romantic about box beds, and Scandinavia has some of the most beautiful varieties. Built into the wall, sometimes with a curtained off entrance or even an entrance with doors, I have loved these unique style of beds since I was a kid.
    The concept behind the box bed is to preserve heat and add privacy. They often times also included storage of some sort either beneath the bed or along the wooden sides.
   In the years when most people shared sleeping space with the whole family, having a private box bed was probably very ideal. Especially in the frigid winters of northern landscapes-- I can just imagine how warm and cozy these beds must be all piled up with blankets and furs, the curtains drawn and a good book in hand.
   I've been gathering some images of some particularly beautiful box beds for that 'some day' house of my dreams. I thought I'd share them with you here-- what do you think? Are you a fan? Or would you feel claustrophobic? I just love how beautifully and ornately some of the beds are decorated. They are many times a work of art in of themselves!


  1. Oh my goodness! what a fabulous collection of stylized bed. I've seen some photos of them on the internet but those in the pics are soooo pretty!
    oooh! I want one! just imagine cozing up under a knitted wool blanket in such bed, eat Lucia's buns and read some Scandinavian stories about trolls! heaven!
    lovely post.
    just trying to catch up with people's blogs :)

  2. That sounds like the perfect thing to do! I think these are so pretty. How fun they'd be to paint!

  3. Such beautiful beds ... they are works of art! Being a Danish/American "girl" I especially enjoy your site! Thanks for the interesting posts!

    1. Arent they just gorgeous? I'm so happy to have you here to visit! Come again soon!~

  4. I used to have a box bed as a kid, very similar to the first picture in your post. I shared the room with my little sister, and at night, we’d throw a blanket down from her bed and cover mine, huddle under the sheets and read a book with just a flashlight on. It’s actually with that memory that I began thinking about putting a box bed in a spare room that we had decided to convert into a small library. :)

    Felipa Barela

  5. Love these style of beds! Do you know where I can purchase one? Thanks!